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LEO FILMS is a film services, professional photo production, video & movie service provider Professional network of Moroccan production service companies, producers and fixers for film, video & photo productions. To support international production companies while shooting in Morocco.



Please call or mail prod@leofilms.com  for any further information or a quote.



Filming in Morocco

Shooting Permit

Equipment Rental



Edit & Mix

Leo Films offers you all the assistance necessary to accomplish your shooting in Morocco for Cinema & Television.

To shoot in Morocco you need a shooting permit issued by the Moroccan Cinematographic Center - CCM  in Rabat (Morocco Capital)

LEO Films is a section in charge of equipments that could provide video and film equipment rentals.

we will offer you the opportunity to see pictures taken in recent years of locations throughout Morocco.

Our Moroccan crews are trained to assist international movies and videos production companies, commercial productions...

Our editing suite in Rabat, can edit anything from a short packages to a complete TV programs.






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