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Morocco is one of the most attractive destinations for Hollywood, Bollywood, television reporters and production companies from around the world. The attraction to Morocco results from its geography, climate, geology and culture. The variety of its landscape and architecture, ranging in influence from Andalusia to African and Middle Eastern, make Morocco the ideal destination for many movies, Documentaries, and broadcasting projects.


Many settings can be found in Morocco : Kasbahs, old villages... we will offer you the opportunity to see pictures taken in recent years of locations throughout Morocco. We are certain you will find what will fill the requirements of your script within the extensive and wildly varying collection of images...Our Bank Photos has more than 10 000 pictures around the country


Once you find the right pictures resembling the location you are looking for, we will organize a recce with you and your crew to the location of your choice so that you may see it in person and know for certain that it is suitable to your project. Here, we know how essential the perfect location is to your success.


Our team will assist you in attaining the necessary permission and contacts associated with your location. We will put you in contact with the authority and public offices. We will also provide you with detailed directions to your location from anywhere you desire and information concerning the nearest hotels, airports, restaurants, police stations, Hospital, transportation...



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