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Full TV & Film Production Services in MOROCCO


We offer all the services you will need for a cost and time effective shoot in Morocco. Our team of multi-lingual people can help you with a wide range of the services in all the moroccan cities & territories.


We're in Morocco to help whether you're at the planning, pre-production, or last minute before production stage of a project. We focus on getting stuff done quickly and efficiently. We have a team of crew and suppliers and have worked right across the country. Please get in touch if you'd like any help or guidance.




Scouting and Shooting Permits in Morocco.


Morocco has a fantastic array of places that will add to your production. We can help find locations, interiors or exteriors. We have a good range of contacts around Morocco to find the location you need and securing its shooting permissions.





We have a very experienced English & French-speaking team of freelance technicians including:


Production Assistants & Coordinators, Camera Crew, Sound Engineers, Electricians & Grip, Make-up &Costume, Translators...






Film Camera (35mm, 16mm)




Steady Cam with pro rig and English/French operator


Tripods, Monitors and Dollies


Lighting from LED Light Panel to big HMIs with generator operator


Jibs and Cranes


Helicopters for shooting via the most experienced operators in Morocco.








Comprehensive lighting facility for the film and television industries. The equipment is available to ‘dry hire’ or supplied with a crew of lighting technicians.





Casting and Costumes


We have long-standing relationships with good local Casting Managers and Model Agencies to provide you with a good selection of people : Extras, Walk-Ons, Actors or Models.




Hotels, Catering, Logistics


We'll find a good accommodations deal, source good quality catering and organise transport of people and equipments. Car Hire and Jet Charter from/to Morocco.




Line Production, Budgeting and Payments


Depending on the complexity of the project we will deliver a fully planned and reconciled project and assure wages payments to actors and crew according to local regulations.




Research, Translation, Transcription


We've helped people make large parts of their programme with our researching skills. Whether you want someone on location to translate proceedings or a transcription of rushes into English we can help.




Making-Of Video Crews


As well as photo production, we do lots of video shoots and will be happy to supply you with a making-of film rushes or finished video of your shoot. Our team will keep out of the way, while capturing the essence of your shoot's progress for your website or TV broadcast.


We support your project in Morocco from the early stages with careful planning and detailed budgeting to scouting the best suitable and most cost effective locations. We advise on accommodations and logistics, we carefully select the most professional Moroccan crews (or international teams where necessary).


Requests for quotes will be answered less than 24 hours. We communicate in English, French, Spanish & Arabic:


- Shooting Permissions & insurance.

- Highly skilled technicians (Make-up, hair stylists, photographers and assistants, grips)

- Up to 50% discount in all Moroccan hotels

- location catering

- The most amazing interiors and exteriors around the country

- Studio facilities

- Camera and lighting equipments

- Travel arrangements

- Animal wranglers and animals (camels,donkeys,horses, snakes, etc)

- Cell phones, Walkie-talkies, computers, avids, Cables...

- Translators : English, French, Arabic, Italian, Spanish & German



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