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Filming in MOROCCO


Leo Films offers you all the assistance necessary to accomplish your shooting in Morocco, including administrative procedures and communications with official administrative & local authorities, so that you will be able to start filming as soon as you land in Morocco.


Our crew is Armed with years of experience in shooting TV News, TV documentaries, feature Films, short movies, movies with national & international TV channels and production companies from around the world. we provide you all the services needed for carrying out your upcoming shooting projects in Morocco.



We provide you with all Production facilities to shoot in Morocco for Television & Cinema : Research, Scouting, Shooting Permits, Preparations, Equipments, technicians, Transportation, Catering, Accommodations, Casting, Translators, Fixers...All what you will need in Morocco to accomplish your shooting project with a lot of success.


Faithful to our principles to carry out your operations effectively, we have developed highly reforming working procedures, which enables us carry out each type of project differently from the others. Do not hesitate to contact us; our team desk is at your disposal 24h/24 throughout the year to assist you in your future shooting operations in Morocco.  



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